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About Future NRG

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We get it - when it comes to energy,  one size doesn’t fit all! Future NRG are your local experts in energy-saving technology. Owned and operating in Shepparton, Echuca, Ballarat, and Torquay, we’re proud to serve our communities. Power your home on your terms,  get a custom energy solution built for the future.

Your renewable & alternative energy specialists

Hot water, cool savings

Up to 30% of your energy goes to your hot water system… let’s drop that down with sustainable hot water installations.

Power in your hands

Get control over your energy with a battery storage system. Use what you want and sell back what you don’t!​

EV home charging

Just keep driving with EV chargers and charging stations—power up at work, at home, or anywhere with a plug.

Go off-grid with solar

The off grid systems Future NRG design are unique and sized specifically for your demands, it is a balance of both AC and DC coupled solar to reflect the way that you use and capture energy.

Future proofing energy with the experts
Future NRG are your local, trust renewable energy experts in Shepparton, Echuca Ballarat, Geelong and the Surf Coast region.
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Roslyn De Simone
Roslyn De Simone
Spoke to Shaun at the outset of my enquiry. Shaun was very knowledgeable and so I took up his suggestion. Days later a team turned up to install the Heater and components as required, also very efficiently. The progress of the installation was tracked by the office people. An authorized Sparky, Riley, turned up 2 days later and did the final electrical work required, tested the unit to ensure its veracity and ensured I was sent an electronic copy of the Manual, which I received, again very efficiently. Office staff again followed up that installation was complete and working prior to issuing invoice for payment. Shaun did a final follow up to ensure all was well, I responded "Perfect".
Peter Schott
Peter Schott
Day 1, Jason & team arrive on time and begin set up. Induction next...here is the dunny and there is the box of band-aids (1st aid kit). During the day, there was a flurry of activity, things just seemed to happen, and then it was ice cream time. A quick site clean up (well done !) and then they were gone... Day 2, the mob re-appear just as I got my first mouthful of breakfast and they were quickly back to the job. Again, Jason issues orders, there's another flurry of activity and it's almost done and the apprentices are off to get KFC for lunch. Jason then competently takes me through the set up, explaining that I am not to DIY anything !! We are extremely happy with the system, it works exactly as we wanted and I'm looking forward to getting the App so I can fiddle (oops I mean monitor) things.... I highly recommend Future NRG and Active installers - clean & efficient ...very happy. A day and a half after install and we have still not drawn anything from the grid !!!
Sharon Ryan
Sharon Ryan
Exception communication and instillation of the solar system. The installers were professional and very approachable. The system looks amazing and the clean up afterward was impeccable. Would definitely recommend.
Kevin Pederick
Kevin Pederick
It was great dealing with a local progressing business, that worked to a well-organized schedule, resulting in a rewarding solar gain/experience.
Janet Gillson
Janet Gillson
My son Peter researched online our wish to replace our old water heater. Our request for a quote was readily available with options to choose what we needed. We asked questions and received appropriate information. The installation and decommissioning of our old tank were very efficient. When I tried to use the shower, I found the water cold, in the ensuite. Two weeks later we are still waiting for this fault to be rectified. Do be sure to check all areas before paying the account. To get them to come back has been a challenge.
Catherine Heil
Catherine Heil
Simon, Georgia and the team at Future NRG were so easy to deal with. The whole process of consultation, checking for any rebates and applying for rebates was really simple. We hardly had to do anything! Its nice to know the team are local and only just a phone call away if we ever need. I would absolutely recommend using Future NRG if you are considering solar. They made the whole process easy and pain free.
Nico R
Nico R
Professional, knowledgeable and prompt service
Chris Jensen
Chris Jensen
Very happy with Simon and Justin from the Torquay crew. Great customer service and great end result. Thanks guys
Inis Bineest
Inis Bineest
Our old Vulcan gas hot water system finally died and Future NRG were able to come out the day after and replace it with a heat pump system! Very professional service, great to deal with and went above and beyond when there were some hick-ups getting it to work (unrelated to their efforts, our bathroom was being renovated at the same time and the plumbing had some hiccoughs!) Highly recommend them! Very easy to work with and very quick!

About Future NRG

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We believe in doing our part for the planet and communities - we’re constantly looking for innovative ways to empower the next generation of Australians, whether that’s through sponsorships, partnerships, or new tech; we’re committed to the future!

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