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Commercial Solar

Businesses of all shapes and sizes, across different industries and sectors are making the switch to go solar. Our commercial solar systems are designed to meet the unique energy needs of your company. Let us help you get started.

Commercial Solar

Reduce operating costs and lower your carbon footprint with a commercial solar system.

Installing a commercial solar system is a great way for your business to help reduce operating costs and lower your carbon footprint, not to mention you’ll be able to generate free power for your solar system’s entire lifecycle, making commercial solar one of the most rewarding investments.

At Future NRG, we understand the importance of sustainable energy solutions for businesses in Australia. Our commercial solar systems are designed to meet the unique energy needs of your company while delivering substantial financial savings and environmental benefits. In this comprehensive guide, we will address the top five frequently asked questions about commercial solar, helping you make informed decisions for your business.

Solar for Business

A carefully designed installation can:
  • Lower operation costs – Make more savings for your business by lowering your energy costs.
  • Sustainability – Improve the green credentials and environmental footprint of your business.
  • Reduce reliance on the grid – Generate energy onsite and depend less on energy from the grid.

Our team are experts in the solar industry and has installed a number of commercial solar systems throughout Australia for all types of industries, from schools, printing facilities, dairy farms, and many more.

Need a custom commercial application?

If you’d like more than just a PV system for your roof, our team can design a solution that suits your requirements.

  • Off-Grid Solar
  • Hybrid Battery Systems
  • Backup Generators
  • Partial Panel + Grid Systems
  • Full Solar Panel Energy Conversion
  • No project too large or small

Why consider solar for your business?

Dramatically Reduced Energy Costs
Rapid and Generous Return on Investment
Access to Fee and Clean Energy from the Sun
Reduce Carbon Footprint
Future Proof Against Rising Energy Costs
Battery Ready

Contact us today to enquire about commercial solar for your business and start reducing your energy costs.

Savings From Day One

Setting your business apart from competitors by going green with a solar panel system is a great way to save money.

By taking advantage of solar energy, businesses can save up to 80 per cent on their electricity bill. Businesses can save money from day one, freeing up cash which can be reinvested into other areas of the business.

commercial solar producing savings from day one
Commercial Solar Battery Storage

Commercial Battery Storage

Although solar PV systems only produce energy during the day, battery storage provides renewable and cheap energy even after the sun has set by storing excess or off-peak energy to be used later.

When paired with a solar PV system, battery storage can help your business reduce energy costs by retaining and using more self-generated energy in the morning, evenings, and on days when there is no sun.

Batteries are also incredibly sought after for providing back-up energy during blackouts and are a great reassurance to guarantee continuous operations for your business. Another benefit of battery storage is providing clean and free energy when electricity prices reach peak levels. A battery system can also store energy when electricity prices are low (off-peak) to reduce consumption during peak periods in a process known as ‘peak-shaving’.

Why Choose Solar for your Business?

Value of STCs decreasing annually:
Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) are a government incentive that reduce the upfront cost of a solar PV installation by around 30-35% for system sizes up to 100kW.
According to Clean Energy Regulator, STCs ‘must be created within 12 months of the system being installed to be valid’. The regulatory body also announced that the deeming period for systems installed in 2022 will be reduced to a maximum of 9 years, and will decline with each successive year till the scheme phases out at the end of 2030. This basically means that the number of certificates that can be created for an eligible system will reduce; so it’s best to invest in solar energy for business as soon as possible to reap such benefits!

System costs change over the years:
While overall solar system costs are currently low, equipment costs can increase in future depending on various factors like the manufacturer or country of origin. Therefore, there’s no time like the present to choose solar for business!

Limited grid capacity:
Energy requirements are expected to increase with each successive year, which means increasing demand on the grid to fulfil electricity needs of both individuals and businesses. However, choosing solar for business will not only make it energy independent, but also feed excess power back into the grid.

Installing solar for your business will reduce your running costs
Future-forward your business with a solar system from Future NRG

Future-forward decision

Going solar makes a business future-proof and safeguards it against almost any unpredictable circumstance. Solar is considered a long-term investment that can sustain, strengthen, and secure a business in the long run from various challenges.

By adopting solar energy, businesses can position themselves as forward-thinking and proactive, ensuring a brighter and more secure future for their operations.

Green credentials

Most Australian consumers these days are now becoming more focused upon purchasing from businesses that take steps to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility towards people, communities, and the planet. Solar will not only improve brand image, but also give businesses a green reputation for being environmentally conscious. In a competitive market, become the obvious choice for customers over those who still use traditional sources of electricity that cause pollution.

As a business owner, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the company is doing its part for the environment by generating its own emission-free electricity.

Commercial solar will increase your green credentials

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some Frequently Asked Questions we get as a commercial solar panel installer. We get many questions from our commercial customers. Here are some of those questions.

Commercial solar systems use solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, which is then used to power the business’s operations.

Installing a commercial solar system can result in significant cost savings on electricity bills, reducing operating expenses and increasing profitability.

The ROI for a commercial solar system varies based on factors like energy consumption, system size, and local incentives. It can range from 3-7 years, providing long-term financial benefits.

The cost of a commercial solar system depends on various factors such as system size, installation complexity, and equipment quality. It is best determined through a personalized assessment from a solar provider.

The size of the commercial solar system needed depends on factors like energy consumption, available roof space, and budget. A solar professional can help determine the optimal system size for your business.

Yes, there are often government incentives, grants, and rebates available for commercial solar installations, which can help offset the upfront costs and improve the financial feasibility.

Commercial solar systems typically require minimal maintenance, such as periodic cleaning and inspection to ensure optimal performance. Solar providers often offer maintenance packages to handle these tasks.

Yes, commercial solar systems can be combined with battery storage to store excess energy generated during the day for use during evenings or periods of high demand, increasing energy independence and efficiency.

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