Heating & Cooling


Future NRG is an official supplier of Hunt Heating’s hydronic heating solutions. Compared to conventional ducted heating, hydronic heating is fast gaining popularity in the market for many reasons, including:

Energy Savings

Hydronic heating uses up to 35% less energy than ducted heating systems. By using less time and power to heat rooms up, you’ll immediately save on costly energy bills during cooler months.

Smart Functions

By using a hydronic heating system, you can control each room’s temperature individually, therefore taking care of different needs.  And without the presence of a duct, dust mites, bacteria and allergens do not have an opportunity to breed, keeping your surroundings clean and hygienic. Hydronic heating systems also require less maintenance over time than ducted heating.

Cost Savings

Lower energy use and less need for maintenance equates to cheaper bills and decreased expenditures, letting you use that money for the things you truly enjoy.

Our hydronic heating systems offer a wide range of solutions for homes and spaces of every size and design preference. Speak to us today to get started.

Coming soon: we will be launching our range of cooling products – stay tuned or call us for more information!