Hot Water Systems

Bosch instantaneous hot water system installation

We are an official supplier of Bosch instantaneous hot water systems. Hands down, Bosch has the largest range of instantaneous hot water systems as compared to other similar brands. This way, customers know they are getting the best possible variety of product and possible solutions – and most importantly, the best hot water system for their needs whether residential or commercial.

When you choose Bosch, you’re guaranteed:

  • Quality
  • Convenience - hot water whenever you need it
  • Energy savings – you’ll cut down on bills because you won’t have to wait for long periods of time for water to heat up.

For residential use | homes in Shepparton and around Victoria

From small homes with 1 bathroom that require a simple solution, the 4000S Internal and External ranges provide practical value; while homes with more bathrooms are more suited to the Highflow 17e / 21e or 26e up to the 32 Series.

For commercial use | businesses in Shepparton and around Victoria

We can install Bosch instantaneous hot water systems for a range of commercial needs including apartment complexes, hotels and other accommodation types, offices, hospitality venues, etc.

Cema evacuated tube system installation

If you want optimal solar energy supply regardless of the seasons; if you want the reliability of solar energy on days that are cloudier or cooler, speak to us about installation of a CEMA evacuated tube system in your home or commercial space. Our CEMA evacuation tube systems take up less space than conventional solar panels, and are made of corrosion-resistant materials that withstand several weather conditions such as wind, hail and rain.