Solar PV

How does solar power (also known as a photovoltaic or solar PV) work?

Solar panels convert sunlight into solar energy. In turn, this power is converted through an inverter to AC power so that it can be utilised in your home or business. Any surplus power generated can either be stored in a battery or exported to the grid – so you’re only paying for what you use, when you use it.

What are the advantages of using solar PV?

  • Energy from the sun is a renewable resource. There are no limits to how much solar PV we can harness, therefore no pressure on the environment, unlike finite resources such as coal and crude oil.
  • You’ll be playing your part in reducing your carbon footprint not just because you’re using less of finite resources, but also because coal, oil and gas aren’t required in the making of solar panels.3601
  • Ideally, more people solar PV will hopefully begin to inhibit the damaging effects of global warming.
  • Using solar PV equates to savings in what you’d ordinarily spend on utilities like electricity.
  • We aren’t called the lucky country for nothing – there is plenty of sunlight and therefore, solar PV to go around!
  • Unlike other energy resources or utilities, solar energy is an independent resource and can’t be monopolised by energy providers for price or quality.

As an accredited supplier of 360 Storage energy storage systems, Future NRG will soon launch cost-effective battery storage options, offering tailored backup solutions for high and low energy users, and commercial backup solutions.

How our solar panel installation works:

Once you contact us and express your interest in using solar PV, an appointment will be made so we can visit your home or office to inspect your roof and assess it for exposure to sunlight and determine your typical energy so we can advise the best solar PV system that works for your household’s or office’s requirements. Our solar PV team will then arrange a time to install your system, and take your through correct usage e.g. best times of day to use your solar PV, and care for your system properly.

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Future NRG are proud to be able to offer a range of finance options available that will ensure your cash flow positive from Day 1